There are a total of 6 different size categories.
Please refer to each individual product for specific information about sizing.
  • XS (about 40 cm)
  • S (about 50-60 cm)
  • M (about 70-80 cm)
  • L (about 90 cm)
  • XL ( about 100 cm +)
  • Long

All of our products are in great, used and vintage condition.
With vintage we mean products that are at least 20 years or older.

We grade our product in 4 different categories.
Please refer to each individual product for more information about it's quality.

  • A (as new, no flaws)
  • B (mint condition, great condition)
  • C (very few flaws, overall good condition)
  • D (some flaws, good condition)

We collect vintage scarves in all kinds of colours,
making it possible for everyone to find their favourites.
The first colour that is mentioned is usually the main one (base colour).

Most of our scarves are made in Japan or Italy - two countries that both usually means great quality.
However our scarves comes from all over the world, such as Holland or Korea.

The scarves are usually collected within Sweden or Scandinavia,
however we also collect scarves during many of our travels.

Sometimes when the scarf doesn't come with a tag,
the origin is unknown.

Graceful Squares love scarves of all different kinds of materials!
Be it silk, cotton or polyester.

Silk is a very luxurious fabric - but at the same time very delicate and needs to be handled with care.
Cotton and synthetic materials such as polyester are usually much stronger and durable,
and many of them have great quality, with a very soft and silky touch.

We always recommend our customers to either dry clean,
or hand wash their scarves in cool water, regardless of materials.
Be careful when handling the scarves - no long nails or big rings when putting on the scarves!

Silk scarves should not be used during rainy or snowy days.
The silk scarves should always be dry cleaned.

Cotton and synthetics
Some of these scarves are OK with machine wash,
using the hand wash or 30℃ program.

However, we recommend hand washing the scarves in cool water,
drip drying flat!

Staff picks
Staff picks are scarves that has been especially chosen by our staff!
These are items that are so lovely we'd prefer to keep in our own closets,
but are kind enough to share them with you!

Environmental & Social Responsibility
Graceful Squares strive to include both environmental and social responsibility during every step we make.
Buying vintage is more sustainable compared to buying new products.

When you buy vintage it’s not manufactured for you ‘new’ so it eliminates the environmental impact of production and the carbon emissions to ship it to a store near you.  Even vintage accessories are available like jewelry, shoes and handbags which are both fashionable and sustainable.  Vintage items are also considered a collectible that often have high resale value.  Many of today’s fashion designers gain inspiration from vintage outfits.

Vintage clothes also promote individuality because they are so unique.  Plus, they are higher quality and were not mass-produced at factories like today’s clothes are made.  You benefit because most vintage pieces you’ll see involve a much greater attention to detail in textiles, patterns, textures, stitching, buttons and other creative flourishes.  It’s one-of-a-kind versus something available to the public at multiple retail chains.  You’ll never get caught wearing what someone else has with this green tip, just shop vintage. Consider your vintage clothes an investment.

As time passes these garments often increase in value.  If you decide it’s time to ‘throw away’ some older clothes – take them to a local shelter or Goodwill instead.  This green tip is a perfect step towards a sustainable lifestyle, so go green and wear vintage.

- Tracy @ planetforward

Also, as much as possible we try to do our hunting at vintage stores were the revenues goes 100% to charity, such as helping homeless people. This way every customers will indirectly be apart of doing charity work when buying from Graceful Squares.

Our products are always cleaned with products that are environmental friendly.

We wrap our scarves in high quality crepe paper made in France,
and ship the products in environmentally responsible packaging, that is both chlorine free and contains recycled PE.

This way you can feel ensured when buying from Graceful Squares.


We sell all of our products trough our shop at

We accept payments trough PayPal only - since it is safe and very convenient.
We need the payment to be done 24 hours after you've bought a product,
or else the purchase will unfortunately has to be canceled.


We ship internationally, from Sweden.

The products will always be cared for and ironed before shipping - and is in a ready-to-use condition. They are stored in a both pet and smoke free environment. The scarf/scarves are beautifully and securely wrapped.

The items will be shipped as soon as possible after we have received the payment, usually the same day or up to 3 days depending on the date.

It is always hard to try and calculate the time it will take to your specific country, however below is a small list of "normal" shipping times:

Scandinavia: about 2 days
Europe: between 2-4 days
Outside Europe: 4-7 days

Refunds and Exchanges

If you are not happy with an item - whatever the reason,
please return it within 5 days of receiving it, and you will get a full refund, minus shipping costs.

The returned item has to be in the same unworn condition, or else we cannot refund you.
We strive to make all our customers as happy as possible with their purchases.

If your questions haven't been answered trough this FAQ - please contact us with your questions here.
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