Graceful Squares seeks to sell unique and simply beautiful vintage scarves, sought for and collected mainly in Scandinavia, but also in other countries in Europe and around the world during our travels. We only work with quality scarves, in perfect conditions, unless stated otherwise. In most cases the scarves has been handmade and hand rolled in Europe.

We believe scarves are the most perfect and timeless accessory, and a great way to enchant any outfit. Pick the ones in your favourite colours, or vary the scarves as seasons comes and goes. Therefor we seek to have a great mixture of scarves available, in different materials and sizes, patterns and colours; making it possible for everyone to find their favourite one.


Name: Anna Wikström Age: 22
From: Stockholm, Sweden

Favourite scarves:
Hermès Decoupages in orange
Pier Olivier Paris scarf in brown and creme.

Favourite colours:
Pink, beige and black.

Why I started Graceful Squares:
I have always had a passion in scarves, and especially vintage ones. Their touch, colours and rich pattern has always fascinated me. I enjoy the hunt for vintage scarves almost as much as wearing them - it's the perfect therapy. Graceful Squares is really more of a fun project than a business - and I'd love it if I'd be able to share my passion for scarves with others.

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